3-Outlet Wall Mount Power With USB Charging

$13.99 USD

Transform an existing electrical outlet into a Mini-USB charging station in the kitchen, office, or school dorm room witht the 3-Outlet Wall Mount Power With USB Charging. Dual USB charging ports with a shared 2.1 amps charge two smartphones will resting in the outlet arm cradles. USB charging ports have 540 joules of surge suppression to protect your valuable devices from power spikes. Safety shut-down technology uses built-in thermal fuses to power-off the connected equipment when any extended over-voltage is detected or at the surge protection end-of-life. An EMI/RFI filter reduces AC line noise and radio frequency interference. A diagnostic Protected LED verifies protection at a glance so problems with any electrical outlet are noticed quickly. Clean-up counter clutter and never forget where you left your phone with one centralized location for charging and storing.