Igloo Trailmate Cooler

$300 USD

The Igloo trailmate cooler has oversized 10 inch never-flat wheels provide clearance and a smooth ride to help tackle the toughest terrain, it is best in class mobility and convenience. The ergonomic glide tow handle single button operation, triple point grab handle – reduces towing effort by 50% making your travel to the site easy and enjoyable. Bungee tie-down loops on top of the Igloo Trailmate Cooler help you utilize the cooler to haul your towels, Quad chairs, & more. Once at your site you have accessory holders that add support to beach umbrellas or as fishing rod holders. You also have a media docking slot that props your electronic device so you can watch a movie, read an e-book, or listen to music hands-free while relaxing.