Orbital Facial Brush & Cleaning System

Orbital Facial Brush & Cleaning System

The Aura Clean Orbital Facial Brush & Cleaning System comfortably cleanses using a powerful spinning motion to do the hard work. The silky soft bristles of the orbital facial brush sweep through pores to safely dislodge dirt, dead skin cells and make-up residues. Used together with your favorite soap or cleanser, it’s a hygienic and efficient way to perfectly polish the skin, gently smoothing and reinvigorating microcirculation as it travels.

The ergonomic waterproof brush handle can easily be used in the shower and is designed for comfort; intuitively gripped like a tennis ball.

Once finished, just drop the brush into the gentle curves of the Aura Clean Station. This activates the Aura Clean UV-C Halo nestled within. The Halo is a ring of UVC light killing 99.9% of all germs dead.

The UV-C sterilizer runs periodically to make sure that pesky 0.1% doesn’t make a comeback whilst a brush dryer drives water off the bristles. The brush head is protected in a nice clean environment, charging for its next use.

All of these benefits are activated without the removal of the brush head; just simply rinse the brush and return it to its home.

No other facial brush offers this simple user experience.