Coffiest Breakfast in a Bottle


A lot of people miss their early morning breakfast in a rush to reach work, and sometimes forget to grab a coffee on their way. Are you one of these people? How about having one nutritious balanced breakfast and your morning coffee, all in one convenient bottle? Sounds crazy right? Coffiest by Soylent solves this problem and eases your morning, ensuring your start the day off on a good foot and full stomach. Coffiest by Soylent is a balanced breakfast plus your morning coffee, all packed in one bottle. Vegan, nut and lactose free, each bottle contains 400 calories of complete plant based nutrition including Soy protein & Algal oil with the same caffeine as a strong cup of light-roast coffee with a hint of chocolate flavour. No more excuses to missing the most important meal of the day, and now you can have one all-in-one complete coffee breakfast with ease!