Hilleberg Stalon XL 14 Person Tent

Hilleberg Stalon XL 14 Person Camping Tent


The Hilleberg Stalon XL 14 Person Camping Tent is a very large, robust, modular tunnel tent that is fully capable of all season, all condition use. It is also surprisingly easy to set up, and it can be erected by one person in good weather.
Designed with professional use in mind, the Stalon XL can be configured in nearly endless ways.
The Hilleberg Stalon XL Tent can serve as a classroom for adventure outfitters; a mobile medical station, command center, or staging/briefing room for search and rescue teams; or as a field dormitory for any large group. Each module of the tent can be zipped on or off to accommodate the needs of the user, and multiple modules can be easily connected or disconnected as necessary.