KEF BLADE Floorstanding Speaker


KEF BLADE is a single apparent source loudspeaker. KEF BLADE Floorstanding Speaker’s architecture achieves the ideal point source so sound appears to emanate from a single point in space.
Within the Blade’s slender body, you’ll find ingenious venting, bracing and wave management technologies that disallows the cabinet to color your music. Hear your audio completely unaltered.
The KEF BLADE Floorstanding Speaker uses its patented Uni-Q Driver array and four 9 inch force-cancelling bass drivers mounted equidistant from its loudspeaker. This allows the entirety of the BLADE to project a three-dimensional sound stage that’s not only believable, but breathtaking.
Simply put, you’ll feel as if there’s a live performance happening in your listening room. The sound doesn’t seem to be emanating from the BLADE, but from a remarkably wide sound stage.