Luna Futuristic Wireless Speaker by crazybaby

Luna Futuristic Wireless Speaker by crazybaby


The Luna Futuristic Wireless Speaker by crazybaby is a revolutionary speaker. When you come home, Luna will detect your arrival. The moment you open the door, front-light starts spinning and changing hue. Luna is ready for some great music to roll. It’s like living a future movie scene.
Elevate your music lifestyle by creating a powerful speaker network customized to all listening scenarios, with wonderful sound and powerful connectivity. The centerpiece of Luna’s design, Luna Eye, which includes a tweeter will automatically emerge when it is powered on. This telescopic system benefits the diaphragm vibration by giving more space for the speaker inside. It will be super easy to connect Luna to your phone, tablet or laptop for music streaming from your spotify or pandora account. Powered by MESHNET network technology, the Luna network can support up to 32 units paired together as a stereo system.
With 8 hours of battery life and a fitting design easily held in one hand, you can enjoy high quality music wherever you want.