Minimalist Tea Maker Nº1


The Minimalist Tea Maker Nº1 is a minimalist brewer for “making tea with skill”. Strip back everything you know about tea, and get down to the authentic basics.
Inspired by the traditional Chinese loose leaf tea brewing vessel, known as the Gaiwan, the Manual Tea Maker Nº1 is all about the true essence of tea minus all the preconceived notions. Once you take away the tea bag, scented teas and herbal concoctions that sometimes don’t contain tea, you are left with Pure Tea! Tea that has been harvested and grown for centuries.
Black, White, Green, Oolong, all beautiful Teas that should be celebrated and enjoyed in its purest form. Natural Organic Tea comes from the same plant but the variety stems from the way they are dried such as wilting, baking, toasting, shaping etc.
The Minimalist Manual Tea Maker No.1 has a double walled glass design, which allows the brewer to successfully highlight the beautiful infusion and characteristics of the tea. This design ensures the perfect tea temperature inside, while cool enough to touch and hold on the outside. No strainer is required and the tea simply pours through a small opening into a ceramic bowl.
With the Manual Tea Maker No 1, the beautiful ancient art of drinking the purest luxurious form of tea is revived for the modern day tea drinkers.