Montegrappa Chaos Special Limited Edition Gold Broad Point Fountain Pen

Montegrappa Gold Fountain Pen


Whether it was a troll with neon coloured hair and a protruding belly, or a guardian angel, lucky pencil, a rabbit’s foot, rosary beads, we have all had objects of luck and “Guardian Angels” in periods of uncertainty and turmoil (Yes, Exams were pretty traumatic experiences for me). The Montegrappa Gold Fountain Pen My Guardian Angel is the ultimate Guardian with an angel on top of the celluloid barrel with a sword and shield , engravings in sterling silver or 18k yellow gold, inlaid with sky-blue enamel and beautiful turquoise detailing. The cap top is a stunning dome of blue inlaid with rays of the sun. Montegrappa have certainly created a writing instrument to cloak your soul in positive energy and peace.