Mrs Simpson Arcade Interactive Coffee Table


The Mrs Simpson Arcade Interactive Coffee Table is one off a piece arcade resurrection inspired Vintage Pinballs. This lady’s Mrs Simpson Pinball Coffee Table make up features original 70’s chips, authentic decks and dice (all attached by hand) from the now sadly demolished Sahara Casino in Las Vegas. Mrs. Simpson boasts working flippers (just for fun), a functional mini slot machine, and two lighting programs.
The table stands on four yellow legs, reminiscent of the one and only, Marge Simpson. Trust us when we say finding shoes to fit Mrs. Simpson’s notoriously difficult to carve legs, sent us through so many ugly stepsisters, that even Prince Charming himself would have quit looking for Cinderella.
The wooden body of the table is covered with hand fixed casino grade felt. Mrs. Simpson’s railing and legs are all hand-painted and protected with Lechler automotive polish.