RideOn Ski Goggles


Bring AR to the slopes with the world’s first augmented reality ski goggles. Interact, navigate and play. The RideOn Ski Goggles combine aviation-style inertial sensors, GPS, and a built-in video camera with a see-through display. Together, these modules project virtual graphics and features into your eye and onto their accurate, real-world counterparts. Suddenly, the slopes just got smarter.
RideOn goggles offer a host of features that will bring interactivity, navigation, and more to your next ski trip. You can see your friends’ locations in the distance and call them, or send an SMS message hands-free. When you need to navigate the mountain, just pull up a virtual resort map, reorient yourself, and get back to skiing. Other features include hands-free control of your phone’s music player, and video recording so you’ll never forget your friend’s awesome faceplant. The goggles are connected to RideOn’s app on your smartphone. The app brings connectivity to friends, lets you download from hundreds of resort maps worldwide, and allows customization of RideOn’s settings so that they fit your personal ride style.