Ryno A One Wheel Motor Cycle

Ryno A One Wheel Motorcycle


Forget sitting in traffic, or snail walking behind a crowd of people, now you can fly down the sidewalk, dash through the lobby, hop onto the elevator or train all on this Ryno One Wheel One Man MotorCycle. Need to whizz somewhere in a hurry, pedal it at 10 miles per hour, or fancy strolling along the sidewalk with a friend, well you can casual stroll on your Ryno. After 7 years in the making, and 9 million youtube views and counting, this personal form of transportation is a ride into the future. No limits to the street, no limits to the bike lane, sleek, small and unique I think it’s time we all made the move and join the Ryno Revolution. Personal mobility just went up a notch…and looks like great fun too!