Volcano Grills Portable Camping Stove


Summer Sunshine and long daylight days is still upon us, which means BBQ weather anywhere, anytime, and full on max outdoor time with the Volcano Grills Portable Camping Stove. Built with tri-fuel capability, the Volcano Grills Portable Camping Stove versatile cooker is one of it’s kind for outdoor cooking from your backyard to the outdoors. With a collapsible body that shrinks down to 5” tall, its convenient, easy to store, and portable. The top grill is nickel plated and easy to clean with the charcoal grate set at perfect bbq height for even cooking. The 19,500 propane burner can be used with charcoal, propane or wood and is quick to set up for the hungry family at a go! An insulated bottom and the double wall ensures minimal hear transfer to the outer body and bottom with air vents in the patented heat chamber for a cool surface BBQ. All the details aside, we’re already packing the burgers, sausages and marinades for an evening BBQ, all that’s left is the location… Anywhere is possible with this amazing Volcano BBQ!